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云南快乐十分开奖:Digital Communications

云南快乐十分前三组 The Digital Communications Division (DCD) within the Office of Communications (OC) strives to be a reliable and trusted resource that delivers the highest levels of professionalism, quality and customer service dedicated to furthering the USDA mission. The DCD is the Department's leader for effective Digital communications, solutions and services, using all types of digital media including web technologies, social media, and mobile applications.

Digital Communications maintains the web portal and Department social media channels and governs web and social media throughout USDA. DCD develops policies, standards, guidance associated with Digital Communications including the coordination of work flow and content management with USDA agencies and offices. The DCD supports the institutionalization of a OneUSDA Digital Strategy. Continuously assessing the improvement of digital services and systems that are information- and customer-centric, DCD helps to ensure open data, content, responsive design, and web APIs are the new default, collaborating among the data, platform, and presentation layers to coordinate Digital Strategy activities across agency and functional lines, including IT, web and communication subject matter experts. As such, the Digital Communication Division, Office of the Chief Information Officer, as well as Agency web, communication and program offices make up the Department's digital strategy ecosystem.

USDA's Departmental Regulation 1495-001, New Media Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities, provides direction to agencies' responsibilities in creating and maintaining online social media tools and accounts, as well as general guidance to employees for appropriate use. USDA's Approval of Communications/Information Products and Services provides guidance and authorities for the approval of communications and digital products and services. USDA's Digital Style Guide Outline provides guidance on applying the standard USDA look and feel to digital products as well as branding guidelines and other USDA and Federal policies.

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Director of Digital Communications
Peter Rhee
Office: 202-720-4623
Fax: 202-720-5402
Rm 410-A, Whitten Building
Washington, DC 20250-1301
[email protected]

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