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快乐十分同步开奖:How to Apply

云南快乐十分前三组 The ReConnect Program Portal allows individuals designated as authorized representatives and authorized users on behalf of a company, to create, work on, and/or submit an electronic application. Interested parties may also access the portal to review Public Notice Filings (PNFs) and submit a response. The ReConnect Program Application Guide is available to download under the Forms and Resources page, ReConnect Program Application Guide.

All portal users that intend to work on ReConnect applications must have an active Level 2 eAuthentication Account. Please create a Level 2 eAuthentication Account if you have not done so already. Also, please note that USDA may only issue eAuthentication accounts to individuals, not a blanket account to a business, corporation, or other entity. An applicant must designate authorized representatives to manage an applicant’s account, and that person or persons may then delegate tasks to other authorized users who must also have an active Level 2 eAuthentication Account.


Option 1:
I have been designated as an authorized representative by an applicant that will be applying for funding under the ReConnect Program and need to submit an Authorized Representative Request (ARR).

Only users designated by the applicant as a Representative-Signature-Certifier or Administrator(s) should Login to the ReConnect Program Portal to submit an ARR. Other users should NOT enter the portal until after they have been added as a Key Contact by the Representative-Signature-Certifier or Administrator. Please review the Instructions (PDF, 66 KB) on how to submit an ARR and sample resolutions.


Option 2:
I have been designated as an authorized user by the applicant that will be applying for funding under the ReConnect Program but the Representative-Signature-Certifier or the Administrator(s) hasn’t informed me that I have access to the system.

  • Once a user has been notified by the Representative-Signature-Certifier or Administrator that he or she has been added in the system, the user may login to the ReConnect Program Portal to begin working on an application.
  • If a user logs in to the ReConnect Program Portal before being added, the user will be locked out of the system. If this occurs, please email: [email protected] or call the Help Desk: 800-457-3642, option 2 (USDA Applications); then option 2 (Rural Development).

Option 3:
I am a portal user who would like to view and respond to Active PNFs.

  • Portal users can view and respond to Active PNFs using the Public Notice Filings Tool.
  • Any user who would like to respond to a PNF must login to the portal using his or her active Level 1 or Level 2 eAuthentication Login ID and Password. Any portal user may view Active PNFs without logging into the system. Instructions on how to respond to a PNF is available to download under the Forms and Resources page, Guide to Responding to a Public Notice Filing (PDF, 1 MB).

ReConnect Program Portal Frequently Asked Questions

    • Apply online for a loan, grant, or loan and grant combination award;
      • Requires a Level 2 eAuthentication ID
    • Manage Account Information
      • Requires a Level 2 eAuthentication ID
    • View Public Notice Filings (PNFs);
      • No authentication is required
    • Respond to published PNFs; and
      • Requires a Level 1 eAuthentication ID
    • View all Approved ReConnect Awards.
      • No authentication is required
  • Once the ARR is approved, the Representative-Signature-Certifier and Administrator(s) will receive an email notification indicating that they can access the system. It is the responsibility of the users approved on the ARR to add other key contacts to their account. When the Representative Signature Certifier or Administrator adds a key contact to an application, the system will automatically send an email notification to the new key contact explaining that he/she has been linked to the application and assigned a specific role. Only after this notification has been received should these other users enter the log into the portal.
  • USDA eAuthentication is the system used by all USDA agencies to enable customers to obtain accounts that will allow them access to USDA Web applications and services via the Internet in a secure manner.

    Please note, USDA will only accept eAuthentication Accounts from individuals. Currently USDA eAuthentication does not have a mechanism to issue accounts to businesses, corporations or other entities.

    Any user that does not already have a Level 2 eAuthentication ID, can create an account using the Identity Manager.

    Once a user’s account information is submitted, an activation email will be sent to that user. The account must be activated from that email. Once activated, a second email will be sent requesting that the Level 2 access be verified. Verification can be handled one of two ways:

    1. Use the Online Identity Proofing Self-Service; or
    2. Visit a Local Registration Authority.

    The Online Identity Proofing Self-Service verifies identity on-line by programmatically asking and receiving correct answers to a series of multiple-choice questions. Only the user on the account should know the answers to these questions.

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